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writer of boundary-pushing musicals

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Unless otherwise specified, all music, text, and recordings copyright © Peter Cavell



Peter Cavell is a composer/lyricist, pianist, writer, and occasional thereminist. 

He holds degrees in classical composition from the University of Western Ontario and the University of Victoria, where his music was described as "sarcastic", "very sarcastic", and “Peter, this wasn’t the assignment”. Since then, his works have been performed throughout Canada, the US, the UK, Holland, Bosnia, Singapore, Japan, and Australia. 


Peter delights in tackling unexpected stories and genres, experimenting with form, and turning tropes upside-down. His work sometimes touches on topics like mythology, ritual, religious baggage, sex/sexuality, and geek culture. Most of all, Peter loves to create living, breathing, character-driven musicals that blur the boundaries between comedy and drama, making you laugh and then sucker-punching you right in the feels.

But wait, there’s more! Since 2009, Peter has worked as a Musical Director at the Second City Training Centre of Toronto, where he teaches musical improv and has composed or improvised music for hundreds of performances.

An unrepentant Canadian, Peter lives in Toronto with his wife and sons. 



Drop Peter a line if you:

  • want to perform or get sheet music for something he wrote

  • are curious about commissioning a brand new piece of music, written just for you

  • saw a cool dog the other day and need to tell someone about it

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