by Megan Phillips and Peter Cavell

Jerks, morons, flakes – let’s face it: PEOPLE SUCK. This hilarious and all-too-relatable new musical explores the many, many ways in which people are just the worst. You’ll wish for your optimism back!

***Winner of the Ed Mirvish Entrepreneurial Award***

***Winner of Patron's Pick***

Added performance on Sunday, July 12 - 9:15pm at Randolph Theatre - 736 Bathurst St.

***Winner of Best of the Fringe***

Toronto Centre for the Arts - 5040 Yonge St.

  • Showtimes

  • Wednesday, July 15 - 9pm

  • Thursday, July 16 - 9pm

  • Saturday, July 18 - 9pm

2015 Toronto Fringe Festival

Randolph Theatre

  • Showtimes

  • Wednesday, July 1st at 8:15pm

  • Saturday, July 4th at 10:30pm

  • Monday, July 6th at 12:45pm

  • Tuesday, July 7th at 6:45pm

  • Wednesday, July 8th at 10:30pm

  • Thursday, July 9th at 5:15pm

  • Saturday, July 11th at 11:00pm