megnpetemakecoolstuff is a combination of Megan Phillips and Peter Cavell, two [self-described] brilliant and [also self-described] fun theatre/art/comedy/music-makers. (Meg is writing this bio and was hoping someone could quote her as brilliant. Please forgive the hubris).

Their story begins way back in the halcyon days of the early 2000s (that means idyllic, if you're like Megan and had to look it up). The world was rejoicing in Will Ferrell's SNL "Goulet" impressions, people were only just beginning to discover the magic of texting and selfies, and two optimistic young go-getters named Megan and Peter met at the University of Western Ontario. They were both students in the Faculty of Music - Peter majoring in piano and composition, and Megan frankensteining a degree which allowed her to sing and write essays. And while they were both procrastinating from studying, the two could often be found cracking wise in Western's Improv Club.

But the carefree days of university finally came to an end. Megan jetted off to England for a Masters in Musical Theatre Performance, while Peter did his own Masters in Composition in Victoria before moving back to Toronto where he came to work as a Musical Director for the Second City Training Centre. Despite the distance between them, they kept running into each other in the strangest places. And though it was unclear whether this was fate or just random chance, one thing was obvious:
they were meant to make musicals together.

And make musicals they did. Their first show,
People Suck, played a sold-out run in the 2015 Toronto Fringe, earning rave reviews, Patron's Pick, an extended run in the Best of Fringe festival, and the Ed Mirvish Entrepreneurial Award.

With Meg living in Vancouver and Pete in Toronto, these kids brainstorm and write cross-country. Together, Meg N Pete aim to create art that dances the dance between high-brow and low-brow, comedy with gravitas, and just silly with silly.
We're stoked to share The Pirate Queen of the Stars with you!
"Space Opera (noun) - a subgenre of science-fiction, featuring stories set in outer space, and often including elements of melodrama, warfare, romance, and adventure."

Now, that definition is all very well and good, but the word "opera" implies singing, doesn't it?  So why does nobody ever sing in space opera?


Peter Cavell, classically-trained composer and self-identified enthusiast of geek culture, decided it was time to combine his two favourite things.  And so he teamed up with writer Andrew Templeton and producer Megan Phillips to do just that.

It's an idea whose time has come.  Everyone is raving about Star Wars (again), right?  Doctor Who, it is said, has never been sexier.  And musical theatre audiences are peeing their pants (and rightfully so) over Hamilton and The Book of Mormon.  There has never been a better time to be either a geek *or* a musical-theatre fan...


With songs like
Great Big, Pimped-Out Death-Machine in the Sky
  - Self-Destruct Sequence Countdown Tango
All I Ever Wanted Was To Be Loved (And Also Feared By Billions)

The Pirate Queen of the Stars sets out to show, once and for all, that the geek shall inherit the cosmos.
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