Ode to a Toothpick
Peter Cavell
O wondrous toothpick, thou proud oaken splint,
Thy texture as silk, and thy flavor like mint!
When dislodging food stuck betwixt tooth and gum,
Thy soft gentle poking doth make my mouth hum!

O perfect purveyor of hygiene most grand,
Thine action is flawless, no matter thy brand.
The toast of all nations, your slim wooden form
The epitome of greatness, a step up from the norm.

Thine uses are endless, not just as a prod,
But as building material thine efforts we laud.
In skyscrapers, bridges or housing design
Thy strength is unrivaled, thou sliver of pine.

We praise thee, o toothpick, and are in your debt
For your infinite traction, when both dry and wet.
May you endure forever, for at thy dire loss
We'd be left with no option but to use dental floss.
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