All works are available from the author. For a perusal copy of any of work provided below as an excerpt, please contact Peter at info[at]petercavell[dot]com.

Going Up (2011)
The story of a balloon who has been released into the sky by a young boy. Floating upwards, she encounters a seagull, falls in love, battles a famous scientist, and learns that what goes up doesn’t necessarily have to come down.
A one-act comedy for two actors.

Me, Myself, and Us (2009)
Imagine discovering that you have a exact look-alike living down the street. This person could pass for your identical twin, and even shares your last name.
Now imagine that instead of one look-alike, you have sixteen.
A one-man comedy for seventeen actors.

Tales of the Midnight Carnival (2009)
Fortune-tellers, man-eating lions, and captive clowns come together in this dark, horrific short play. The circus will never be the same.
Produced in January 2010 by the Fort Point Theatre Channel, Boston.

There Goes the Neighbourhood (2009)
Jack and Jenny's elderly neighbour Oswald is putting in a new vegetable garden, and this can only mean one thing: clearly, he must be running an illegal gambling operation out of his toolshed. A ten-minute comedy about the seedy underbelly of violence and hatred lurking beneath the tree-lined veneer of every sleepy sub-urban neighbourhood.
Produced in May 2010 by The Renaissance Guild, San Antonio, TX.

Happily Ever After (2008)
Sexual tension is in the air as two storytellers recall the tale of the Frog Prince.  A ten-minute comedy about transformation, compromise, and man-eating sharks.
Read in the Grand Theatre's Playwrights Cabaret, London Ontario, January 2009.
Produced in May 2009 by 11:11 Theatre, Boston.

Forbidden Fruit (2008)
Woman has done something very bad, and is worried that they'll be caught.  Man seems more perplexed by Woman's sudden insistence that they put on clothes.  A ten-minute comedy about Original Sin.

Lead Us Not Into Temptation (2007)
J has been sitting in the wilderness for 39 days, and D doesn't really feel like tempting anyone anymore.  An insightful ten-minute comedy about obligation and redemption.
Read in the Grand Theatre's Playwrights Cabaret, London Ontario, January 2008.

As I Was Going Up The Stair... (2007)
Will is an introverted writer...with a very unusual problem.  A one-act comedy about the challenges of invisibility.
Premiered in the 2007 London One-Act Festival.
Awarded Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Lead Role.
Nominated for Outstanding Original Script, and Outstanding Production.
     Audio adaptation

terminal (2005)
A free-write.

Blueberry (2005)
A free-write.

Scene Outside an Italian Restaurant (2005)
A free-write.

Just So You Know (2009)
A response to This Is Just To Say by William Carlos Williams.

Babel (2008, excerpt)
A re-imagining of the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel from a non-traditional perspective, Babel consists of twelve iterations of a single original poem, progressively distorted by the lens of the automated translation website Babelfish.  With each translation and re-translation, intelligibility decreases and meanings are lost.  Key words vanish or change in nuance, as Babelfish fails to find suitable translations for abstract concepts.  The website leaves some words untranslated, and they remain and accumulate throughout the course of the work.  At the same time, the poet's choices of unconventional formatting further obscure and distract from the original intent of the text, hiding it behind spectacle and mimicry of familiar text-based concepts.  Yet, in the midst of such deconstruction and disturbance, Babelfish inadvertently introduces a number of startling new meanings...

Lazarus, waking (2008)
A speculation on how Lazarus might have responded if asked what death was like.

The Rain in Spain (2008)

The Letter Z (2004)

Ode to a Toothpick (1998)
One of Peter's earliest poems.