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The Pirate Queen of the Stars
Composer/Lyricist and Musical Director
An original sci-fi musical comedy.

Performed in the 2016 Toronto Fringe Festival.
Book by Andrew Templeton.
Directed by Mat Mailandt.
Starring Daniel Abrahamson, Paul Barnes, Seth Drabinsky, Megan Phillips, and Sarah Strange.
Producers: Peter Cavell and Megan Phillips.
Assistant Producer: Dan B. Rosen.
Stage management by Andrea Miller.
Choreography by Nicky Nasrallah.

People Suck
Composer/Lyricist (with Megan Phillips) and Musical Director
An original song cycle - a musical airing-of-grievances.

Performed in the 2015 Toronto Fringe Festival.
Directed by Kerry Griffin.
Starring Allison Price, Arthur Wright, Ashley Comeau, Connor Thompson, and Megan Phillips.
Produced by Victoria Laberge, Musical Direction by Jordan Armstrong, Stage management by Nicole Passmore.

- Best of Fringe
- Patron's Pick
- Ed Mirvish Entrepreneurial Award

Circle Jerk
Soup Can Theatre/Aim For The Tangent/Safeword Productions, 2014

The Soaps: Dirty South
Musical Director
A live improvised soap-opera, performed at the Bad Dog Theatre. Directed by Chris Gibbs.

The Soaps: City Hall Edition
Musical Director
A live improvised soap-opera, performed in the Toronto Fringe Festival. Directed by Christy Bruce.

Bitch: A Cathartic Purge
Sound Designer
Beer In A Glass Productions, 2013
Written by and starring Tracey Beltrano and Erin Thompson, directed by Ted Hallett.

An Especially Maude-Lynne Christmas
Nobody's Business Theatre, 2012
Play by Johnnie Walker and Morgan Norwich.

It's A Wonderful Toronto: A Rob Ford Holiday Specatular
Musical Director
Play by Matt Baram, music by Waylen Miki.

The Soaps of 1812
Musical Director
Toronto Fringe Festival, 2012
Directed by Matt Baram.

Maude-Lynne Sells Out!
Nobody's Business Theatre, 2010
Play by Johnnie Walker and Morgan Norwich.

Brighton Beach Memoirs
Sound Designer
Teatron Theatre, 2009
Play by Neil Simon, directed by Ari Weisberg.

Me, Myself, and Us
Imagine discovering that you have a exact look-alike living down the street. This person could pass for your identical twin, and even shares your last name.
Now imagine that instead of one look-alike, you have sixteen.
A one-man comedy for seventeen actors.

Tales of the Midnight Carnival
Fortune-tellers, man-eating lions, and captive clowns come together in this dark, horrific short play. The circus will never be the same.
Produced in January 2010 by Fort Point Theatre Channel, Boston.

Sound Designer
MGM Productions, 2009
A new play by Maxine Marcellin, directed by Mumbi Tindyebwa. Presented in the SummerWorks Theatre Festival.

There Goes the Neighbourhood
Jack and Jenny's elderly neighbour Oswald is putting in a new vegetable garden, and this can only mean one thing: clearly, he must be running an illegal gambling operation out of his toolshed. A ten-minute comedy about the seedy underbelly of violence and hatred lurking beneath the tree-lined veneer of every sleepy sub-urban neighbourhood.
Produced in May 2010, by The Renaissance Guild, San Antonio, TX.

27 Weeks
Composer/Sound Designer
Alumnae Theatre, 2009
A one-act play by Joel Ivany, presented in Alumnae Theatre's New Ideas Festival.  Directed by Mumbi Tindyebwa.
       Main theme (excerpt)

Happily Ever After
Sexual tension is in the air as two storytellers recall the tale of the Frog Prince.  A ten-minute comedy about transformation, compromise, and man-eating sharks.
Read at the Grand Theatre's Playwrights Cabaret, London Ontario, January 2009.
Produced in May 2009 by 11:11 Theatre, Boston.

Forbidden Fruit
Woman has done something very bad, and is worried that they'll be caught.  Man seems more perplexed by Woman's sudden insistence that they put on clothes.  A ten-minute comedy about Original Sin.

Electric Lethe Productions, 2008
James has just died, and finds that Purgatory isn't exactly what he was expecting.  With sadness and a strange new sense of humour, he watches his wife Amelia try to cope with his departure.  A bittersweet comedy (or funny drama?) about the grieving process.
Premiered in the 2008 London Fringe Festival.
Brickenden nomination for Best Musical.
Audio excerpts:
       "We Danced", sung by Erica Laine and Mark Gough
       "Orpheus", sung by Tracey Beltrano

Lead Us Not Into Temptation
J has been sitting in the wilderness for 39 days, and D doesn't really feel like tempting anyone anymore.  An insightful ten-minute comedy about obligation and redemption.
Read in the Grand Theatre's Playwrights Cabaret, London Ontario, January 2008.

Walking the Labyrinth (solo)
Electric Lethe Productions, 2007
A 45-minute musico-dramatic work for actor and electronics. 
Awakening in an unfamiliar place, the wanderer must find his way through the twisting Labyrinth, and face the beast that waits at the centre.  A dark, psychological re-imagining of the story of Theseus and the Minotaur, combining live and recorded speech, electronic vocal distortion, original music, and 2000-year old poetry.
Performed in the 2007 London Fringe Festival, and the 2008 Ottawa and Toronto Fringe Festivals.
The 2007 London production was nominated for four Brickenden awards: Best Sound, Best Lighting, Best Publicity, and Bravest Production

Recording (excerpts) featuring Peter Cavell (Minotaur/Theseus) and Danielle Buoniauto (Ariadne)
       "Lost in the maze"

As I Was Going Up The Stair...
Electric Lethe Productions, 2007
Will is an introverted writer...with a very unusual problem.  A one-act comedy about the challenges of invisibility.
Premiered in the 2007 London One-Act Festival.
Awarded Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Lead Role.
Nominated for Outstanding Original Script, and Outstanding Production.
     Audio adaptation

Walking the Labyrinth (thesis)
University of Victoria
Peter's M. Mus thesis.  A 45-minute musico-dramatic work for four singers, seven instrumentalists, three narrators, and live electronics.
Premiered March 11, 2006, in the Phillip T. Young Recital Hall.

A Midsummer Night's Dream
Composer/Musical Director
Victoria Shakespeare Society, 2005

The Devil Loves to Haggle
Co-creator/co-performer with Jonathan de Souza
Inke Poding Theatrics, 2003
An experimental, meta-theatrical one-act musical-theatre work exploring the story of Faust through the lens of vaudeville.  A bizarre and hilarious examination of how souls are sold, complete with puppetry, juggling, escape acts, balloon animals, and audience participation.
Premiered in the 2003 London Fringe Festival.
Winner of the 2003 Brickenden award for Best Musical.