Selected works

All scores are available from the composer. To discuss performance opportunities, or for a perusal copy of any of these scores, please contact Peter at info[at]petercavell[dot]com.

Unless otherwise specified, all recordings and scores on this page are copyright © Peter Cavell.  All rights reserved.


Demo (2014)
Featuring excerpts from various projects.

A Nervous Flyer (2013)
A standalone musical-theatre ballad.
       performed by Megan Phillips

Love at First Flight (2010)
A standalone musical-theatre ballad.
       performed by Danielle Buonaiuto

27 Weeks (2009)
Incidental music and sound design for a play by Joel Ivany, presented in Alumnae Theatre's New Ideas Festival.  Directed by Mumbi Tindyebwa.
       Main theme (excerpt)

Death! (2008)
An original one-act musical (book, music, and lyrics), premiered in the 2008 London Fringe Festival.
"James has just died, and finds that Purgatory isn't exactly what he was expecting.  With sadness and a strange new sense of humour, he watches his wife Amelia try to cope with his departure.  A bittersweet comedy (or funny drama?) about the grieving process."
       "We Danced", sung by Erica Laine and Mark Gough
       "Orpheus", sung by Tracey Beltrano

Walking the Labyrinth (2007)
A musico-dramatic work for actor and electronics.  Performed in the 2007 London Fringe Festival, and the 2008 Ottawa and Toronto Fringe Festivals.
"Awakening in an unfamiliar place, the wanderer must find his way through the twisting Labyrinth, and face the beast that waits at the centre.  A dark, psychological re-imagining of the story of Theseus and the Minotaur, combining live and recorded speech, electronic vocal distortion, original music, and 2000-year old poetry."

Recording (excerpts) featuring Peter Cavell (Minotaur/Theseus) and Danielle Buoniauto (Ariadne)
       "Lost in the maze"

Eight Songs from "Jelly Belly" (2003)
Bass-baritone and piano, 10 minutes
Text by Dennis Lee, used with permission
Recording: Mark Gough (voice) and Peter Cavell (piano)
       1. The Dreadful Doings of Jelly Belly
       2. Mrs. Magee
       3. The Seven Kinds of Bees
       4. The Puzzle
       5. Freddy
       6. My Maple Tree
       7. Bigamy Bill
       8. Silverly

The Dreams of Sisyphus (2004)
Violin and piano, 7 minutes
Recording: The Ives Ensemble
       1. Stillness
       2. The Scourge
       3. Yearning for Lethe

Credo (2010)
Tape, 1 minute

Chipmunk Choir, Attempting to Forestall the Impending Apocalypse, Sings Bravely (2009)
Tape, 1 minute

Backwards Brahms, with Sneeze and Vitamin-Bottle Shaker (2008)
Tape, 1 minute

Be Like Reich (2008)
Tape, 6 minutes
Homage to the early phase works of composer Steve Reich, particularly It's Gonna Rain and Come Out.  Features the voice of Steve Reich himself.

Click It Like You Mean It (2008)
Tape, 1 minute
A celebration of audio distortion.

Ariadne's Lament (2008)
Tape, 1 minute
Featuring the voice of Danielle Buonaiuto.

4'33: Dance Remix (2005)
Tape, 4 minutes 33 seconds
A modern update of John Cage's (in)famous "silent piece", featuring the voice of John Cage himself.

not an y thing ? (2005)
Narrator and tape, 4 minutes

Toast Music (2002)
Tape, 5 minutes
Made mostly out of sounds generated by the composer's toaster.
       1. Furnulum pani nolo
       2. Capriccio on the Departure of a Much-Beloved Electrical Appliance

Fantasia for Unprepared Piano (2009)
Variable duration and instrumentation
(This piece is made available under a Creative Commons License (attribution, noncommercial,
no derivatives)
, and may be distributed and performed subject to the terms of the license.)