Selected works

All scores are available from the composer. To discuss performance opportunities, or for a perusal copy of any of these scores, please contact Peter at info[at]petercavell[dot]com.

Unless otherwise specified, all recordings and scores on this page are copyright © Peter Cavell.  All rights reserved.


Demo (2014)
Excerpts from various projects.

The Pirate Queen of the Stars (2016)
"Artificially Yours", sung by Daniel Abrahamson

A Nervous Flyer (2013)
       sung by Megan Phillips

Love at First Flight (2010)
       sung by Danielle Buonaiuto

27 Weeks (2009)
Incidental music and sound design for a play by Joel Ivany, presented in Alumnae Theatre's New Ideas Festival.  Directed by Mumbi Tindyebwa.
       Main theme (excerpt)

Death! (2008)
An original one-act musical (book, music, and lyrics), premiered in the 2008 London Fringe Festival.
       "Orpheus", sung by Tracey Beltrano

Walking the Labyrinth (2007)
A musico-dramatic work for actor and electronics.  Performed in the 2007 London Fringe Festival, and the 2008 Ottawa and Toronto Fringe Festivals.

Eight Songs from "Jelly Belly" (2003)
Bass-baritone and piano, 10 minutes
Text by Dennis Lee

The Dreams of Sisyphus (2004)
Violin and piano, 7 minutes
Recording: The Ives Ensemble
       1. Stillness
       2. The Scourge
       3. Yearning for Lethe

Chipmunk Choir, Attempting to Forestall the Impending Apocalypse, Sings Bravely (2009)
Tape, 1 minute

Click It Like You Mean It (2008)
Tape, 1 minute
A celebration of audio distortion.

Ariadne's Lament (2008)
Tape, 1 minute
With the voice of Danielle Buonaiuto.

4'33: Dance Remix (2005)
Tape, 4 minutes 33 seconds
A modern update of John Cage's famous "silent piece", featuring the voice of John Cage himself.

not an y thing ? (2005)
Narrator and tape, 4 minutes

Toast Music (2002)
Tape, 5 minutes
Made mostly out of sounds generated by the composer's toaster.
       1. Furnulum pani nolo
       2. Capriccio on the Departure of a Much-Beloved Electrical Appliance

Fantasia for Unprepared Piano (2009)
Variable duration and instrumentation
(This piece is made available under a Creative Commons License (attribution, noncommercial,
no derivatives)
, and may be distributed and performed subject to the terms of the license.)